Bend Your Ear: Behind the Scenes of Kitty & Cutty

July 13, 2016

A very special episode marks our Season 1 Finale!

Theatre Lab was asked to be a part of the 4th annual Grand Center Theatre Crawl; a fantastic event that allowed (this year) for 19 local professional troupes to curate a half hour long performance to present to 6 different audiences throughout the evening. There were over ONE THOUSAND pre-registered patrons with a substantial amount of walk ups.

We decided that the perfect way to round out our season would be to turn our presentation into a behind the scenes look of Labora-Story (Kitty & Cutty by Zak Farmer), offering some insight to the production processes and what running our radio play podcast is like. We did the presentation every half hour to six new audiences. This is a culmination of some of the questions they had, which maybe you have had as well; spanning from the production process and questions for the voice actors' interpretation to more practical producing questions.

Our Panel:

Artistic Producing Director - Ryan Scott Foizey
Actress (Kitty from Kitty & Cutty) - Jamie Martin
Sound Engineer for Season 1 - William Locke

*Questions provided by various Audience Members*


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