Inside the Sock Puppet: An Exclusive Interview with Derek Mayfield

April 14, 2016

Are you a fan of "Serial?" How about "Rolling Stone?" Here's the podcast you've been waiting for. Labora-Story's episode 4 is a podcast within a podcast. Listen in on an exclusive interview with fictional Rock 'n' Roll icon and former frontman of the '84 power house rock band, The Sock Puppets. His first interview in 10 years; what happened?

Written by Ryan Scott Foizey, Jason Klefisch
Character Development and some Dialogue Improvised by Todd Micali
Derek (fuckin') Mayfield: Todd Micali
Molly Shepfield: Marcy Ann Wiegert
Rick Scott: Ryan Scott Foizey 
Ernie (Bernie) Crycek: Jason Klefisch 
YouTube Animation: Ryan Musselman 
Directed by Ryan Scott Foizey, Jason Klefisch and William Locke 
Sound Engineering by William Locke


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